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21st February International Mother Language Day

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Sayad Hashmi Reference library organized a mega event on international mother language day at Community Hall, Siddiq Village, Malir, Karachi. This event has four different segments.

The first segment was a seminar on “International Mother Language Day and Value of Balochi Language”, renown Balochi writer and research Asim Zaheer and Ghulam Rasool Baloch read their papers.

With the inauguration of “Balochi Galganj” Library’s top project, comprehensive Balochi to Balochi dictionary the second segment was started. The dictionary inaugurated by the top archaeologist, historian and author Dr. Kaleemullah Lashari along with Dr. Ramzan Bamari, Ghulam Rasool Baloch, Ayub Qasim, Asim Zaheer and Ishaq Khamosh. Ghulam Rasool Kalmati acknowledge the support of Baloch nation and encourage the youngster to improve and increase words collection for future dictionaries. Ishaq Khamosh describe the efforts of Ghulam Rasool Kalmati on this word rich dictionary. Dr. Kaleemullah Lashari refer a account of history that took 17 years to publish due to fund and said, I know Ghulam’s dictionary also face same challenge due to limited resources.

Third segment of a Stage Drama “Dead Society” played by “Sur Sangaar Izmi Majlas” team.

And last part was music, Younger and melodious Sana Sahail, Shahzad Razaq and Ustaad Salim Baloch performed Balochi song on support and encourage Balochi language.