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Sayad Hashmi Library’s Election for 2021-2022

New cabinet of Sayad Hashmi Reference Library unopposed elected. On Sunday 3rd of January 2021, the General Body meeting organized by the Sayad Hashmi Reference Library’s 2019-2020 cabinet, meeting chair by the picture of Prof. Saba Dashtiyari (the founder of Library).

Bashir Baloch share progress report for the period of 2019-2020, highlights the key successes of library and challenges that library and cabinet faced during reporting period.

After progress report of General Secretory, finance secretory Salman Baloch share a detail finance report for the reporting period and highlights major financial challenges library is facing and indicated that the financial sources are at its risk and requested from supporter and members to contribute and put some effort to increase donations and membership fees.

President Ramzan thanks all members for their contribution and encourage them to get united to save this library and dream of Prof. Saba Dashtiyari’s.

The Formal inauguration of biggest project of library “Balochi Gaalganj” comprehensive Balochi dictionary by Ghulam Rasool Kalmati, researcher at Sayad Hashmi Reference Library, renounce author and poet Ishaq Khamosh, Asim Zaheer, Ramzan Baloch, Shabir Rakhshani and Ghulam Rasool Kalmati inaugurated the dictionary.

After book inauguration, formally the cabinet 2019-2020 dissolve and election commission took charge of the meeting and formally announce election for the cabinet 2021-22. After some negotiations by candidates and few candidate withdraw their nominations and final cabinet got elected unopposed. Following winning candidates where announced by the Election commission.

Dr. Prof. Ramzan Bamari  – President

Iqbal Hashmi – Voice President 1st

Perveen Naz – Voice President 2nd

Salman Baloch – General Secretory

Akber Wali – Joint Secretory

Zarif Mehmood – Finance Secretory

Ghulam Rasool Baloch – Office Secretory

Sharaf Shad – Information Secretory

Abdul Wahid – Communication Secretory

Executive Body Members as mentioned below

Naznain Barakzai, Shabir Rakhshani, Asim Zaheer, Nawaz Fateh, Aziz Kalmati and Qadeer Majeed

At the closing of general body meeting, chairman election commission take oath from all newly elected cabinet and executive body members