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Library organized Prof. Saba Dashtiari’s 8thanniversary event

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Professor Saba Dashtari’s 8th-anniversary event was organized by the library on Sunday 30th June 2019 at Sayad Hashmi Reference Library. The event shared into four segments, a large number of participants, including students, intellectuals, and poets participated in the event.

In the first segment intellectuals Dr. Prof. Head of Balochi Department Balochistan University Hamid Baloch, Dr.  Prof. Tehmina, Prof. A. R. Dad, Ghani Pahwal and Sharaf Shad read papers on Professor Saba Dashtari’s poetry and his Book “Waab Gindag Loteeth”.

The second segment was on the inauguration of Professor Saba poetry collection book “Waab Gindag Loteeth”, the book inaugurated by renowned poet Mubarak Qazi.

In third segment Library’s President Dr. Prof. Ramzan Bamari announce “Saba Dad”, Saba Award in the recognition of literary work on Baloch, Balochi, and Balochistan to well-known literary person Amanullah Gichki, Prof. A.R. Dad received his award.

The fourth and last segment was on poetry, in this segment famous and junior poet.

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